Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will my wallet last?  The longest living wallet recorded is still alive and kicking, and is 8 yrs old. It really comes down to how you treat your things, and how determined you are to keep yours around.

How can I find out my fortune?  Once your wallet has sang its swan song, you can peel apart the layers and take the fortune inside.  Delayed Gratification you cry?  We know...

Whats your return policy?  We gladly accept back any wallet that has a malfunction for exchange or fixing if the damage is fixable within the first 30 days.  

Do you accept returns on custom made wallets?  Custom made wallets are final sale.  If there is a malfunction within the first 30 days we will happily send for, and mend or remake your wallet if need be.  

Do you have Wholesale? And can I buy wholesale online?  Yes we do!  For all wholesale questions please contact humorandgrace.lindsey@gmail.com

How long does a custom wallet take to make? Custom wallets take about 2 weeks to make, not including shipping time.